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"This could protect my daughter."
California First Lady Maria Shriver

"I've got a guy I can put in there."

Celebrity Kim Kardashian

"This has the potential to change men's behavior."
Partick Byrne, Founder, Overstock.com

"Reviews your potential mate like Zagat's critiques a restaurant."

"Offers women the Holy Grail on man examination:
a chance to hear from his exes."

The Charlotte Observer

"Dedicated to outing the bad apples."
The New York Times

"A place for abused women to find help
and to warn other women about bad guys."

KSL News

"It's all the rage of the web."

"Provides an outlet for women to vent about their relationships
and post warnings about certain men."

FOX News

"No holds barred."

"The site can warn women."
Chicago Tribune

"Need to know if he's a bad egg? [WomanSavers.com] may know."
The Wall Street Journal

"Cracking the whip, exposing men who cheat."

"Screens the dogs from entering your life."
Nine FM

"WomanSavers.com has a free database that allows women
to rate men they have dated."

Associated Press

"Website gathers names of guys to avoid in dating."

Young and the Restless Actress Barbara Niven promotes WomanSavers and shares her experience in dealing with a stalker.

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